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Businesses Need The Power Of Leverage Strategy To Grow.

3 Ways To Use The Power Of Leverage In Your Business

Creating An Excitement For Demand Over Supply

Are you interested in power of leverage ?

Here we are growing your business with Bobby Barr media.

Hello, everyone, this is Bobby from Bobby Barr media, and today we're going to talk in this little short podcast about the power of leverage. How you can use it in your business to create more awareness to reach your target audience and engage with this perfect audience in a quicker space of time.

So in today's world, utilizing the power of leverage could be exercised far more frequently than it is now. If you look at the Oxford dictionary definitions of what the power of leverage means, it has two meanings.

One is a noun. And it's the exertion of force by means of a lever. And the second is a verb, which means you use something to maximize an advantage.

Out of those two, it's important that you as a business, try and find one that resonates best with yourselves to create either a once in a lifetime offer. Or one that you can create once a year, twice a year, three times a year, or even four times a year.

But it cannot be something that you're giving away freely, or people can access freely. Because then you cannot use the power of leverage anymore as eventually it will fizzle out, people will not become interested.

The Key To The Power Of Leverage ?

So the key with the power of leverage, and how to use it in your business, whether you are using it for yourself, as an individual. Maybe you're using it for a product, or using it for a service you provide.

It has to be able to create demand, it has to have added value, and you must create a furore type feeling of excitement, where people just cannot wait to get hold of it.

That's the way that you can create the power of leverage in your business. It's about creating the opposite of supply and demand. It must create a bigger demand than you have a supply for. That way it helps grow your audience.

Not everybody is going to be able to get hold of what you have. It appears like you've got some gold in your hand that people want but not everybody can have. This is how you can create the power of leverage in your business.

It's going to take you as as individuals and businesses to get together and create a strategy that works. Whether you are having a brainstorming session as a company, around a table and trying to find out what your offering may be, as a service, product, or is it you the individual.

You could be a consultant, for example, and offer a valued consulting package of high value. It could be offered to many individual people at a fraction of the cost.

How I know about power of leverage

If they don't manage to secure it, their investment is that low it pales into insignificance. So the reward is far greater than the risk. That's the best way of using the power of leverage in your business.

But these three things are very important in order to exercise the power of leverage and get the maximum exposure & reward out of your leveraged product. Create a defined and detailed offering.

what it is that you can offer? Will it be a service, yourself or a product, whatever it may be in your business, create something that will be of high demand. Get it out to the masses quickly through the power of the internet.

Today we have between 4.5 and 4.9 billion people logging onto the internet every day, completing aproximately 9 billion searches. You can hit your target audience quickly, if you know who it is. 

It can be achieved in a multitude of ways depending on what kind of strategies that you use. If you've got a budget, you can access it faster with PPC ads via Google Bing & YouTube. Social media with facebook, Instagram and more.

If you haven't got a budget, then you have to do it by a word of mouth. Or via your social media, which means posting that more regular. The frequency over a period of time can create that demand. Creating written, audio & video formats should also be used.

power of leverage Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

One. Define the right product offering. Produce the right content marketing message for your audience. Create curiosity & demand, be the person they can gravitate towards. Make them want to do business with you.

Define your product detail, and offering, create such a furore that the excitement becomes impossible for people. They will become very impatient, and want it quickly. That's the most impactful way you can use the power of leverage.

TWO. The offering must have the potential to provide a huge or a significant demand. It must be something that people want, otherwise, you're not going to get very far. The power of leverage must create more awareness and a happy person at the end who wants your product. The demand for it should portray a strong message.

Don't just keep your message locally to where you are, if you are a business that is providing services out of your local region. Then it's important you get the message out as far and as wide as you can. It's a question of tapping into your extended network.

Can you access people in other areas, ask them to share your awareness in their local area for you. Use your sales and marketing expertise to be able to ensure the demand is there for your product.

Three. Your offering should be of high value, or even priceless. It is a question of digging really deep, either yourself or with your team at your workplace and coming up with something that that is of high value, something that could become priceless. You can package your products or use your own.

Alternatively you can go to a supplier, and say, I want 10 of such and such, I want them at a special rate. This way you manage to secure excellent prices you can then pass on as a one off creating that demand.

Power of leverage Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago 😇

Once they are gone and no longer available, that becomes priceless to somebody because it's unique. It's a one off type thing for that moment. Everybody wants to be one of those 10 lucky enough to secure them.

Open your mind, try and be as creative as you can with the brainstorming sessions. Here are some possibilities of what you can actually do yourself with a product or service.

As we have said you can package the product and or service of value in such a way to create the high demand. It could be your own, or one that you've negotiated a price on from a supplier.

Give as much clarification and information to your avatar persona, or perfect audience. Remember, it needs to be outreaching you've got to reach far and wide and get people talking about it.

If you can create that priceless product, you can become the talk of your town, city or even country, depending on how big your reach is. Another way is, you could be fortunate enough to get some prestige tickets to a sporting event final, a one off type event where people want to go.

Where there is a bigger demand than there is a supply of the tickets no matter what. Tickets that are in a VIP box, exclusive seats, a sit down meal will create the best demand.

Saving The Best Leverage Power Strategy Until Last 

Say to your audience, customers, or potential new customers. If you purchase X, Y Z, you can have one of these tickets. Or if you purchase this amount, over the month of X, you will go into a draw for the chance to win these tickets.

Again, that's how you can create the power of leverage. The beauty of using the power of leverage,take time to formulate it, plan, prepare and execute the offering you have.

The last one is, you can have a high value product and or service that your company or yourself offer to a wider audience. Give them the opportunity to secure it via a draw formulation for eg.

However you decide to do it. they can purchase it for a fraction of the cost ie 1 to 5% of its original cost. As it it such a small amount they need to lay out, it pales into insignificance, it becomes a no brainer.

If you can create the power of leverage at least once, twice, three, even four times a year, then you can start to extend your new client base. You could have people that are really wanting to engage with you and really want to do business with you.

Obviously, when they do become a client, it's so important that you take care of them as a customer, and that your product is good value with excellent service.

What Leverage Power Ideas Can You Promote?

It's now over to you guys, to tap into your subconscious, your unknown, speak to family, friends, work colleagues, on your social media, where you know, the 4.5 to 4.9 billion people that log on a day are generally placed.

Speak to them, get some feedback, see what their thoughts are and package something up and create the power of leverage.

The power of leverage is not used widely enough by businesses. I first used the power of leverage myself in a marketing perspective over 30 years ago. I was an assistant commercial manager at this time for , Halifax Rugby League club in my hometown.

We were fortunate enough to play the Australian national rugby team who came over on a tour of the UK. Back then the Australian rugby league team were the best in the world. The game created such a demand in our local area.

Bear in mind it was at a time when there was no internet. all you had was a local landline and no mobile phones. You had a pen, paper and a secret book you called your contact list. Our job was to sell the game, we managed to sell out a 10,000 crowd.

It was the biggest crowd we ever had. Sponsorship, advertising a new kit was secured for that one off game, everybody wanted a part of it. We could have sold 30 or 40,000 tickets if we'd have had them such was the demand. But unfortunately, our local flow could only hold 10,000.

The game was a complete sellout, here's how we use the power of leverage. We created a one off sponsorship of the jerseys for the game to go on the shirts. The cost was to be That was all written up and £10,000 pounds.

Back then over 30 years ago, £10,000 was a hell of a lot of money. It was probably somewhere in the region of £100,000 today. It was a lot of money to ask one company, even though the value was more.

Over a period of days, I was doing some thinking, I was young, I wanted to make an impression. How can I come up with something that would make this easier for us, I thought to myself.

One day, it came to me, I said to my then boss, who was called TT. I learned so much from him on my journey.

My First Power Of Leverage Idea

I said TT, why don't we go for 100 companies charge them £100 pounds each, put them into a draw, create a night with some entertainment. A black tie type event, one we can charge for and then let's pick a winner out on the night.

We have enough time to do it, we can promote the game, the new kit, we can start to sell more advertising, etc, etc, etc. He turned to me and said, what a fantastic idea Bobby.

It was my becoming, my moment as a young man, trying to cement my footing into something that I was doing. Without access to the internet today's it was a tough ask. Today you can do a post and it can be online within minutes with people engaging instantly.

Back then we only had local advertising that came out on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday where sport was prominent. It was such a difficult time to create a demand, you really needed to tap into other resources. It helped me to think deeper in how we could do things.

We could find a solution to a problem, we can create the supply and demand to outweigh the supply. We leveraged and created an exponential amount of money for one specific night.

You must maximize those moments. if you don't, you don't know when the next time will come around. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to create the power of leverage, we did it very successfully. Something I've learned to carry forward with me in business to this day.

Every business today should leverage where possible. Market access is easier with online websites, more social media channels that you could ever wish to be on in an instant. Why wouldn't you want to use the power of leverage.

Use Leverage Products As A Growth Strategy For Your Business

you can start creating leverage today that becomes applicable in three months time, create the demand that outweighs the supply. It's simple, and then start to engage with more people. On the back of it, you will start to create more clients and more bespoke packages or offerings individually.

Content creation & marketing is key, content is king. If people are not hearing about you through content, posting it on your social media channels on your website, or on places where you can rank very quickly. You are missing so much, and you're leaving so much on the table for your competitors to mop up.

Some companies have found throughout this lockdown, they were spending £1000s per week on Pay Per clicks (PPC). During the lockdown, traffic has only dropped by around 5%. people got to know about them, from their content in the search engines of Google Bing, Yahoo DuckDuckGo.

They are found without having to use pay per clicks, or PPC. Going forward after the lock down their strategies will probably change in how they do things. Remember how Google,Bing and other search engines make money. They make money from engagement on content keyword searches.

It helps Google create a profile of people searching, reading or listening to content. They sell that profile to multiple advertisers, one article could have the potential to create Google millions in revenue across the world.

Create Content For Marketing & Leverage Google

Creating content is a good thing in how you can also leverage the power of Google, the more content you create, around your business, around what you do, using good quality keywords that resonate with your target audience, your perfect persona, can pick up lots of traffic for many years to come.

If you are not creating content at this moment in your business, you need to change that. And in some cases, optimizing the existing content you have, making it more applicable helps because it's already there. The search engines have already scanned it with their algorithms.

it's just a question of how can you enhance the optimization to make you rank better. Bobby Barr Media offer, with our new digital DNA unlocked training program. It's the power of being able to unlock your already placed digital DNA that's in all the search engines.

But the trouble is, it's locked, because nobody can see it, you're not getting enough visibility, exposure to the masses that you want to do business with. Its a question of discovering how you can unlock your digital dna, and using it to your advantage.

When you do, it gives you a bigger advantage over your competitors. There's not a person out there that is producing content, no matter how big an audience they have, that we cannot optimize, and enhance that their current content already there.

Content Marketing Leverages Search Engine Rankings

The beauty of creating content over a long period of time, Google and other search engines have around 400 algorithm changes per year. If you're only relying on your website ranking in the search engines. If the algorithm updates penalize, you fall down and your website is no longer seen.

Unless you're using paid adverts. Nobody's going to get to see you know, not enough people are going to get to see you in order to help you use the power of leverage and grow your business.

If your business is looking to scale up, then please get in touch with us via our social media channels, Bobby Barr Media. You'll find us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Visit our website https://bobbybarr.co.uk or https://bobbybarrmedia.com.

We are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, we cover the whole of the UK, especially surrounding areas, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, Manchester, etc.

We've helped clients all over the world achieve different growth strategies. Training, dfy & payg consultancy services can be provided. Have a great day and listen out for the next podcast.

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